Vibration Sensors and Accessories
Vibration Sensors and Accessories

Vibration sensors, cables and accessories allow you to safely collect vibration data on inaccessible machines, as well as continuously monitoring critical machinery.
    1. Accelerometers
      Accelerometers provide a dynamic output signal, and are suitable for connection to portable...
    1. 4-20mA Vibration Sensors
      These sensors convert the vibration waveform into an overall vibration level and provide a...
    1. Cables
      Cables for permanent installations and portable data collection, all with CTC's...
    1. Junction Boxes
      Terminate your permanently installed accelerometers into junction boxes for fast and safe data...
    1. Mounting Hardware
      Everything you need to mount your vibration sensors.
    1. Vibration Switches
      Protect your critical equipment with this Vibration Protection & Relay System. The sensor is...
    1. Test Equipment
      Check that your sensors and cabling are installed properly and performing correctly.