Condition Monitoring Services

Alstom MSc CM Services

Alstom MSc’s services department provide machinery health monitoring services to well over 100 sites in the Asia Pacific region. Our services are provided across all sectors of the production and manufacturing industry, such as power generation, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive, paper & pulp, utilities and food and beverage. Our engineers and technicians are capable of delivering multiple condition monitoring technologies and corrective maintenance techniques.

The services available include; condition monitoring program creation & development, infrared thermography, vibration analysis, industrial oil analysis and corrective services such as laser alignment of motors, pumps and pulleys, also in-situ dynamic balancing of fans, turbines and other rotating machinery.

Our services also include a range of higher end consultancy services in specialist areas, such as rotor dynamics and turbine troubleshooting, online predictive monitoring & diagnostics, remote monitoring and diagnostics including setup and execution and machine modelling. Our project management and execution staff can also assist with projects such as installations and upgrades of online monitoring systems.


For more information on our CM services, please click on the links below:


Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is a key technology used in condition monitoring, to detect a wide range of mechanical defects. To read more about our vibration analysis services, click here.


Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Centre

To read about our innovative new monitoring approach to cost effective vibration monitoring, click here.


Rotor Dynamics

Monitoring the health of critical turbomachinery requires expert knowledge, experience and the right equipment. 

To read more about our rotor dynamics services, click here.


Infrared Thermography

IR Thermography has large range of applications, ranging from detecting high resistance electrical contacts to bearing wear and energy loss.

To read more about our IR thermography services, click here.


Alignment and Balancing

Precision laser alignment and dynamic balancing is important for ensuring reliable machine operation.

To read more about our alignment and balancing services, click here.