Alstom MSc Training Courses

Alstom MSc conducts a range of courses through-out the calendar year. Our courses range from certified vibration training through to specific software and hardware training and general condition monitoring. Popular courses are run periodically throughout the year in different locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Our trainers are experienced analysts who carry out condition monitoring as well as teaching it, so we understand the practical issues. We also understand the importance of good communication skills and understanding your needs.

We build our courses so that we can provide a good balance of theory and practice. We know that presenting interesting case studies and encouraging participation is important for your learning. By offering a range of courses for different abilities, we ensure that our attendees learn from each other.

Vibration Institute International Rep

We are authorized Australasian representatives of The Vibration Institute

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Vibration Analysis Courses

Other Condition Monitoring Courses

Onsite Training


Vibration Analysis Courses

VCAT1 - Vibration Analyst ISO Category I

Brochure: Alstom MSc VCAT1 2016 Course Brochure.pdf

Target Audience: Any employee new to condition monitoring

Length: 3.5 days

Cost: $2,550.00
This course is designed for participants with little or no vibration experience who want to understand the benefits of vibration analysis, learn how to collect vibration data and interpret vibration reports.

This course is offered on-site.


VCAT2 - Vibration Analyst ISO Category II

Brochure: Alstom Msc VCAT2 2016 Course Brochure.pdf

Target Audience: Any employee with exposure to vibration analysis

Length: 4.5 days

Cost: $2,890.00

The VCAT2 builds upon the foundation of the VCAT1 course. A deeper and more comprehensive coverage of topics related to data acquisition and signal processing to help the analyst select the most appropriate data acquisition parameters and analysis techniques, in order to optimise and better manage their vibration monitoring program. More detailed coverage of: waveform and spectral diagnostics, phase analysis, single-channel impact testing and single-plane field balancing.

This course is offered on-site.


VCAT3 - Vibration Analyst ISO Category III

Brochure: Alstom MSc VCAT3 2016 Course Brochure.pdf

Target Audience: Experienced analysts who want to build upon their existing vibration analysis skills

Length: 5 days

Cost: $3,390.00
This course builds upon the foundation of the VCAT2 course to provide the skills & knowledge necessary to direct or establish vibration condition monitoring programs, and apply advanced diagnostic techniques for troubleshooting complex problems and complex machinery.
VCAT2 certification is a pre-requisite for sitting the VCAT3 exam.

This course is offered on-site.


Other Condition Monitoring Courses

We have a large range of courses that we can offer covering a range of condition monitoring and corrective techniques, as well as awareness and management training. Topics include:


On Site Training

Alstom MSc provides on-site training at facilities around Australia and Asia in a range of industries. We can provide our standard courses or we can customize them to your requirements. We can provide training on vibration analysis, balancing, alignment, infrared thermography and general condition monitoring principles.